Some of the projects we have completed

Mirror Finish Cabinets

This eye catching unit is manufactured in mirror finish stainless steel.  We have made a few of these in various sizes. This particular one houses freezer trays. Some have been manufactured for minus 70 degrees liquid nitrogen.  It sounds a bit gory but this unit was made to house body part specimens or viles for the NHS Blood Bank.  Pictures illustrate unit with drawers in and with drawers out.

Mirror finish drawer cabinet
mirror finish stainless steel

Centrifuge Cartridge Carriers

Here we were asked to manufacture a bespoke carrier unit by one of our pharmaceutical customers. Their factory needed mobile units to transfer centrifuge cartridges safely and securely. We chatted with the client, drafted a design and then built these units to their strict specifications.

centrifuge carriers designed in Liverpool
designed specifically for the client
stainless bespoke design centrifuge carriers

Transport Trolley

Although this looks a little like a toilet it is in fact a transport trolley. It is designed specifically for a client to house a 25 litre vessel. Made from High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) and stainless steel it is mounted on substantial castors to facilitate easy movement.

Stainless steel carrier castor detail
hdpe carrier detail
HDPE and Stainless Steel carrier

Bespoke Laboratory Furniture

A non standard size and an awkward cut away meant this piece needed to be bespoke rather than off the shelf.  We undertook the design and manufacture using a Trespa Worktop and mild steel powder coated frame.

Whilst we specialise in stainless steel we do often get asked to make something a little different, in this case using mild steel.  

We try to use local companies when we need to out source specialist operations such as the black powder coating on this base frame.

Bespoke lab furniture designed and built in Liverpool

Filtration Rig

This stainless steel filtration rig looks fairly complex. It is designed to house four sets of filters for a particular product with brackets to hold the silicon tubes.  It is on castors so can be easily moved and positioned to the desired location.

Filtration rig - front
Filtration rig - side

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